How to link Paypal to eBay?

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PayPal is the most used payment method around us and it offers its payment services on various platforms. Users of PayPal can link their accounts to other apps for a quick and secured transaction. As we all know that eBay is one of the biggest shopping and auction platforms and you can make a transaction on eBay easily if you link your PayPal account on it. By adding your PayPal account on eBay you can pay off purchases made on eBay by you. This method of paying off is so popular because of its high level of security and ease of use. Using PayPal can boost your business and online sales and also it can open the gateway to products of higher profile within eBay. Linking your existing PayPal account is easy and simple so let’s go on to steps to link PayPal to eBay.

Steps to link PayPal to eBay

These steps will allow you to link your PayPal account to your eBay account. After, completing these steps you will be able to make payment through PayPal on your eBay purchases.

  1. Using your web browser, search for eBay login
  2. Login in to your eBay account using your login credentials
  3. In the account section go to “My eBay”
  4. Click on the button “Link My PayPal Account” button
  5. Now login into your PayPal account by entering your “Login Id and Password”
  6. If you do not have a PayPal account you can with the Sign Up option instead
  7. Now you can verify your account to send and receive payments worldwide
  8. To verify your PayPal account you need into your PayPal account
  9. And follow the instruction on your summary page to verify your account

How to unlock your PayPal account?

PayPal offers its payment services without any hindrance. If your PayPal account has been locked unfortunately then there is only one way to get unlocked to your PayPal account. But before going on the method to unlock, let’s try to understand the reason behind locking your PayPal account. This issue usually happens when your account caught involving in any suspicious activity. This would be such as several login attempts, suspicious purchases, and making transactions from an unusual location or continent, etc.

So whenever your PayPal account got locked instead of being worried just call PayPal customer care using their toll-free number. After calling, please ask to speak to someone in the Resolution Department. The concerned person will ask to confirm some of your details such as

  • Your mobile number
  • Details of credit card or bank account linked to your PayPal account
  • The email address that you used to register your PayPal account

Note: After confirming these details your PayPal account will be unlocked. Avoid being involved in any type of suspicious activity else your account could be locked forever.


Link eBay to a PayPal account and start sending and receiving money through a secured transactional gateway of PayPal. Follow the steps mentioned above to link PayPal to eBay. If you are facing any issues yet you can visit the official website.

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Try linking your PayPal account to eBay. Follow these quick steps to link PayPal to eBay 1. In account, sections go to my eBay 2. Click on Link My PayPal Account


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